Director : Raphaël Urbain

Genre:  Science Fiction

"Rémi and his daughter come to move near the sea. But suddenly, electricity disappears from the surface of the Earth. After an accident, Rémi is plunged into a coma, and becomes the passive spectator of what, Claire 13 years, will endure in this chaotic world, to save her father and rebuild "

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Director : Damien Maric

Genre:  Comedy

There were once three young geeks who had decided to go unnoticed in real life. But it was known that he was confined to roles that were not very exciting. So, I, the Last Bar, I got them out of this nightmare to throw them into crazy adventures. And I do not regret it, because they are really Funny geeks!

Laverne loves video games, Hoagie is a crazy TV series and Bernard fell into the role play when he was little. In short, three geeks hardly more barred than the average, the look turned towards the imaginary worlds, all 3 are regulars of the Last Bar before the End of the World. Together, they will save the world! Finally maybe ...

The Last Series before the End of the World is 7 episodes of 5 minutes which will be broadcast in December 2012, following the following causal chain: 3, 6, 10, 13, 17, 20, 21. Each episode will be broadcast at 17:42 at the Last Bar before the End of the World before meeting here at 6:00 pm. After this one, you will never again look at the web-series in the same way!


Director :  Baptiste Ménage

Genre:  War, Drama

Spanish republicans, German anti - fascists, French patriots of all religions and ages, composed the famous Bir - Hakeim maquis. On 27 May 1944, the Kommandantur de Mende, in Lozère, was alerted to the presence of the "rebels" in the village of La Borie ...

Captain Lange builds a plan of encirclement. Among his troops, an Armenian legionnaire, forced into the Wermacht, obeyed in spite of himself. On the other side, Major Barot, undisputed leader of the maquis, quietly prepares for the departure of the next day. Popeye, 15, is the youngest of the maquisards. He takes very seriously the mission given him by his Captain, to keep the pennant of the group at all costs ...


Director :  Raphaël Urbain

Genre:  Drama, Horror

A father and daughter find themselves separated by a terrible and violent plane crash. From then on the survival of each becomes a permanent struggle. But how far will it go? Where is the limit ...?

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© 2013 by Raphaël Urbain, all rights reserved.